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This part of the site was inspired by a recent evangelization seminar featuring Dorothy Hulburt.

She shared the spirituality found in the works of the following poets:


  1. J. D. Freeman
  2. George Herbert
  3. Dorothy Donnell
  4. e.e.cummings
  5. Robert Frost
  6. Antonio Machado
  7. Emily Dickinson
  8. Jessica Powers
By clicking on the underlined poet, you can find resources related to each one. I apologize that I could not find the work of J.D. Freeman. If you would like to learn more about Dorothy Hulburt’s understanding of the spirituality behind their work, please contact me

Let me know if you are interested in her coming to your community for an evangelization seminar or if you are just interested in purchasing this particular tape (or others). I think that you will find either very worthwhile, though the live seminar is much more effective.

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